Professional Update for Superintendents – Number 13

By Joy Wingfield – April 2016 Controlled Drugs A mandatory requisition form was introduced from 30th November 2015 – form FP10CDF – for community pharmacies to procure CDs.  Guidance is available from PSNC and RPS (members only). E-cigarettes  Sales of e-cigarettes are now limited to over 18s.  Restrictions have been placed on their advertising but … Continue reading

Professional Update for Superintendents – Number 12

By Joy Wingfield – September 2015 An update on the Rebalancing Programme Well it isn’t an update, because nothing has actually happened yet. Deliberations started in autumn 2013; arguments on the first stages – defences for dispensing errors, role clarification for responsible pharmacists and superintendents, implications for hospital pharmacy – occupied all of 2014 and now most … Continue reading

Buttercups Achieves RPS Training Provider Accreditation

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) and Buttercups are pleased to announce that Buttercups Training Ltd has been accredited as an RPS Training Provider through the “first wave” process. In 2014 the RPS Accreditation Service developed to include the recognition of training providers as well as educational programmes, conferences, events and published materials.  Buttercups Training Ltd now joins Boots … Continue reading

Professional Update for Superintendents – Number 11

By Joy Wingfield – March 2015 “Decrim” for dispensing errors is not… The latest consultation on amendments to the Medicines Act does not propose to “decriminalise” dispensing errors but does describe a defence to what has been a strict liability offence.  The defence requires all four conditions to apply: The person dispensing the product must be a … Continue reading

Buttercups at the E-Learning Awards 2014

Buttercups at the E-Learning Awards 2014

Last Thursday night we made our first ever appearance at the E-Learning Awards ceremony held in London where our work for the Virtual Pharmacy was recognised by being shortlisted for Best learning game, simulation or virtual environment. It was an enormously prestigious event with submissions coming from all over the world and a team of … Continue reading

Professional update for superintendents – Number 10

By Joy Wingfield – October 2014 Finding the GPhC guidance on inspection standards There is now a wealth of information on the GPhC website about their new inspection regime. It is still described as a “prototype” because the Rules giving full powers to enforce improvement notices and publish inspection reports are still awaiting Parliamentary time.  To find … Continue reading

Professional update for superintendents – Number 9

By Joy Wingfield – March 2014 Rebalancing medicines legislation and pharmacy regulation  Fundamental changes to medicines law are currently being discussed in the above policy review.  A significant programme of work started in 2013 (see update no. 7) and the first proposals to change the law are expected later this year and others later into 2015.  Key … Continue reading

Professional update for superintendents – Number 8

By Joy Wingfield – September 2013 The wheels keep turning… Several of the new developments described in previous updates are continuing: Professional indemnity According to the GPhC, legislation (as opposed to the current professional requirement) to require indemnity cover for all registrants (pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) will be in place by October 2013. The relevant Statutory … Continue reading

New Buttercups Test Zone Update

New Buttercups Test Zone Update

Ever since the release of the Buttercups Test Zone in October 2012, we’ve been gathering feedback from both learners and tutors in order to plan improvements and make things more user-friendly. On 6th August we will release a major new update as part of our commitment to our learners that we will continuously look for ways … Continue reading